How Professional Bail Works

When a person is arrested and booked for a crime, they must have a first appearance or a bail hearing with a judge or magistrate of the court. Once the arrestee is admitted to bail and a bail amount is set, they may then post bail or hire a Professional Bail Bondsman.

In the State of Arkansas, the fee or premium for writing a Bail Bond is ten percent (10%) of the bond amount. (e.g. a $1,000 Bond would have a $100 premium)

In addition to the ten percent premium, the Professional Bail Bond Company is required to collect $60 in fees.

Finally, the Law Enforcement Agency taking the bond charges a $20 fee.

So, as an example, if a defendant has a $1,000 Bond amount and they hire a Professional Bail Bondsman, it would cost them $180 total.

      $1,000 x 10% = $100 Premium

                     + $60 Fees

                     = $160 Total to Bail Bondsman

The Law Enforcement Agency taking the Bond will collect their $20 fee when the Bond is posted.

In certain circumstances, depending on the Bond amount and the charges, providing collateral to secure a bail bond may be necessary.

Once a defendant is released from actual custody on a Professional Bail Bond, both the defendant and their cosigner(s) are financially responsible for the defendant’s appearance in court.


*All Bail Amounts are rounded up to the next even $5 mark.